Check out this great blog that reminds us that almost everything can be recycled.

21 things you didn’t know you can recycle 

A few months ago, I read the book Garbage Land: On the secret trail of trash by Elizabeth Royte.  She really opened my eyes about our garbage stream.  She also experimented with recycling every possible thing from her garbage.  It was difficult and the lengths to which she had to go depended upon the ability of the local recyclers processes.  For example, she found that she did not have to tear the plastic windows out of envelopes–that could be accepted by her paper recycler.

However, to reduce our garbage streams, we really need two things:

1. Manufacturers to set up to the plate ecologically and reduce their packaging.

2. Easier ways to recycle unusual items like CDs, appliances and electronics.


~ by lindabeekeeper on November 17, 2007.

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