Real food, not specific nutrients found healthy

In a recent study reported in Science Daily, University of Minnesota professor David Jacobs found that nutrients in whole foods were essential to a healthy diet, not nutrients found in supplements.

Jacobs and Tapsell provide several examples in which the single nutrient approach to nutrition has not proved to benefit health: Long term randomized clinical trials, considered the gold standard for making judgments about nutritional treatment and health, have failed to show benefit or have suggested harm for cardiovascular events for isolated supplements of beta-carotene and B-vitamins. A similar large experiment in total fat reduction also did not show benefit. In contrast, myriad observations have been made of improved long-term health for foods and food patterns that incorporate these same nutrients naturally occurring in food.

Further, this gives more importance to organically raised food which tends to be naturally higher in beneficial nutrients. A 2004 article in Medical News Today stated,

UK and US government statistics indicate that levels of trace minerals in fruit and vegetables fell by up to 76% between 1940 and 1991. 34,35 In contrast there is growing evidence that organic fruit and vegetables generally contain more nutrients than non-organic food.

So, it is becoming clear that one way to improve health is to skip the supplements and high additive foods and cook with organic ingredients (preferably local).


~ by lindabeekeeper on November 7, 2007.

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